Save thousands per employee

Culture and accountability bend the cost curve while building trust and human connection.

Employers pay most of the $4.7 trillion

in annual U.S. health care costs despite a $1.2 trillion employee wellness industry. Shockingly, most employers are waiting for someone else to reduce their costs.

Medication Adherence


of meds are not taken as prescribed, driving 50% of treatment failures and 25% of hospitalizations


Lost annually in the U.S., a staggering 15% of national health care spend


Lost per employee per month

Mental Health


of employees struggle with depression and anxiety. Only 50% receive the care they need.


in lost U.S. employee productivity from 463M lost working days


Lost per employee per month


What if everyone were more accountable?

Employees stop engaging after incentives are gone?

Peer Support

It's what makes AA, faith groups, and communities so resilient. With ShareMy.Health, Employees can securely share sensitive information with their trusted circles. They opt-in to smart prompts for themselves and the peers who trust them.

How does a Manager foster team wellbeing?

Cure for the Common Company

ShareMy.Health helps you assess the cultural wellbeing of each team with Cure for the Common Company, crafted by Dr. Richard Safeer, head of employee health & wellbeing at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Each manager receives tailored feedback & online training to improve their team’s wellbeing and genuine human connection. Re-assess every 6 months.

Drowning in point solutions and partners?


AI and workplace analytics show which of your benefits actually reduce cost and improve outcomes.

We loved this idea so much we made a whole product out of it.


Building Culture and Accountability

ShareMy.Health empowers an employee to take control and customize their wellbeing experience producing exponentially better results and significantly lower costs for employers.

Medication Adherence

Encourage employees to stay healthy through smart notifications. Reconcile medications.

Mental Health
& Peer Support

Employees support each other in a holistic, configurable platform.

Human Connection

Loneliness kills, literally. Foster an environment of love and trust through personal connection.

Measurement & Accountability

Track the health and progress of every employee without violating privacy.

Lauded by key opinion leaders

We need to have a wellbeing culture. We need human connection.

If you have a solution that helps connect people -- coworkers, employee-to-manager, and physicians -- like the ShareMy.Health platform, that's something transformative.

Dr. Richard Safeer, MD
Chief Medical Director of Employee Health & Well-being
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Author, The Cure for the Common Company

We built ShareMy.Health as a consumer-directed exchange to help you share your information. It's yours. The consumer is directing the exchange. As they should.

With better access to information, better decisions can be made, avoiding unnecessary or harmful interventions.

Dr. Jacob Reider, MD
CEO, HuddleHealth
Co-Creator, ShareMy.Health
Former Chief Medical Officer & Deputy National Coordinator of Health IT
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Self-funded employers want to increase productivity to make a profit. In mental health, we want to increase engagement and accountability. The employee has to 'win the battle for initiative'.

It is wonderful to see how ShareMy.Health is meeting the urgent needs of so many people.

Dr. Christine Holding, DMFT
CEO, The EFT Clinic
Author, Family Business Therapy: A Field Guide for Family Therapists