We believe there's a better way.

At ShareMy.Health, we've crafted a groundbreaking solution that consolidates all aspects of mental wellbeing into one user-friendly platform. From mood check-ins and supportive chat functions to medication adherence and insightful assessments, our platform empowers users to manage their mental health comprehensively, all in one place.

Mental Wellbeing Platform

With over 100 million Americans in need of mental health support, ShareMy.Health bridges the gap by providing an innovative platform. We understand the vital role mental health plays in overall well-being, and our solution tackles the challenge by offering a holistic approach to mental wellness, connecting individuals with the resources and support they need.


Empowering Your Mental Wellbeing Journey

Experience a revolutionary approach to mental health with ShareMy.Health's user-centric platform. From personalized assessments and life balance goal setting to cutting edge technology, our platform empowers individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing journey.

Comprehensive Assessments

Identify mental health needs with specialized screenings like PHQ-9 and GAD-7, providing personalized insights and tailored support.

Balance-Based Goal Setting

Work towards wellness through goal-setting across eight vital life areas, fostering balance in physical, emotional, financial, and other dimensions.

Voice Biomarker Technology

Harness cutting-edge AI to analyze your voice for early signs of depression, allowing for proactive mental health intervention.

My Insights Data Analysis

Gain more self-awareness through personalized data insights, understanding the elements of mental wellness that impact you most.

Anonymous Data Insights

Access valuable analytics while respecting employee privacy, gaining crucial insights into the collective mental health of your organization.

Population Statistics

Understand employee wellness trends with data on wellness by location, participation percentage, absenteeism rate, and an overall wellness index score.

Informed Resource Investment

Make strategic decisions by knowing the number of therapy sessions per location in 2022, enabling targeted investment in the most impactful resources.

Enhanced Employee Privacy

Foster trust and engagement with depersonalized data, ensuring individual privacy while optimizing organizational mental health strategies.


Empower Your Team,
Elevate Your Organization

ShareMy.Health not only prioritizes individual wellbeing but also empowers employers with invaluable insights. Gain depersonalized data on population statistics, enabling informed resource allocation and strategic decisions to foster a mentally healthy and thriving organizational culture.


Unlock the Full Potential of ShareMy.Health

Centralized Management
Support Network Chats
Employer Analytics
Increased Productivity
Life Balance Goals
Medication Reminders
Comprehensive Assessments
Reduced Turnover
Voice Biomarker Analysis
My Insights Analytics
Privacy-Focused Data
Program Integration


Frequently Asked Questions

How does ShareMy.Health ensure user privacy?

ShareMy.Health prioritizes data privacy and security, adhering to HIPAA compliance. We do not sell or rent personal information, ensuring a transparent and secure experience.

What sets ShareMy.Health apart from other mental health platforms?

ShareMy.Health stands out with its comprehensive features, including mood check-ins, chat functions, voice biomarker technology, and employer insights, offering an all-in-one solution for mental wellbeing.

How can employers benefit from ShareMy.Health?

Employers gain depersonalized data insights, enabling them to understand employee well-being trends, make informed decisions, and invest resources where they are most needed.