Supplement adherence

Closing the nutrition gap.

Increase adherence with smart reminders and follow-ups  for maternal & child supplements.
Manage resupply with precision and scale.

1.2 Billion

Women worldwide are micro-nutrient deficient

First 1,000

Days are the most important development time for children

$18.1 Billion

Potential global income increase


Increase supplement adherence for families across the globe with customized SMS two-way interactions for reminders and refill requests.


Minimize resources needed to track supplements in a community.


Track supplement adherence and deployment more accurately and reliable than ever before with near real-time analytics. Make key decisions confidently.

Our Solution

Assign and Distribute Supplements
Send Reminders and Refills
Data Collection and Analytics
Assign and Distribute Supplements

During at-home or community visits community health workers assign certain supplements to mothers and children based on recent screening results.

These supplements could include Multi-Micronutrient Supplement (MMS), Vitamin A, Folic Acid, and other program based supplements.

Reminders and Refills

Families receive custom reminders based on the supplement type and cadence. During these reminders the families are able to indicate if they have indeed followed the recommended supplement adherence schedule.

Based on a families responses, a community representative is notified when the family is needing a supplement refill. The family is also able to manually ask for a refill via a simple free SMS message.

Data Collection and Analytics

As families report their adherence to the recommended supplements, ShareMy.Health tracks their progress along with the entire community and program. This data is mapped longitudinally and can be arranged by program, geography, or many other demographic markers.

This key information is used to inform future funding, supplement re-ordering and distribution, and many other crucial organizational decisions.