Strengthen health systems

Transform maternal and child health nationwide with digital health, modern policies, and interoperability.


Trusted users


GDPR Compliant


Faster screenings

A path to country self-reliance

Build self-reliant countries that ideally no longer need external support after several years. Transition cost to public and private parties, strengthen national IT infrastructure, and modernize data privacy.






Collect Data Anytime and Anywhere

In partnership with DITTO Live, ShareMy.Health delivers a top-quality offline experience in any situation or location, regardless of connectivity.

Privacy and Security

With over 150 combined years of experience in healthcare data privacy and security, we not only adhere to GDPR standards but also ensure compliance with the specific regulations of each country we serve, safeguarding the families' data.

End-to-End integrations

Securely connect with your preferred hospital's clinical information system, guaranteeing a seamless and unified experience across platforms.

ShareMy.Health Monitoring & Evaluation

Simple ways to track real impact

User-friendly dashboards for rapid insights

Customizable data inputs

Powerful reporting, including PDF and .CSV

Upload historical data for longitudinal tracking

Build persona cohorts to monitor impact and evaluate best practices

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A platform engineered for every environment

Community Centers

Track community feeding and wellbeing programs effectively to demonstrate tangible impact.


Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and community health workers can now provide screening & assistance comfortably within the home.


Monitor programs and geographies in real-time for efficient planning and implementation.

Health Clinics

Monitor families and assign effective intervention plans for a lasting impact on the community.


Utilize sophisticated screening tools to build comprehensive patient registries and seamlessly integrate with existing clinical information systems.


Enable trained teachers and health professionals to actively engage in a child’s health through school-based programs.