Expand the impact of every investment

AI and analytics show which of your programs actually reduce cost and improve outcomes.

Measure which programs work best

Unify all your time-series data from any source.


Nutrition • Vision • Immunization


Wheelchairs • Products • Supplies


Water • Shelter • Infrastructure

Compassionately hold everyone accountable.

Understand each individual, family, community, and partner with a unified view of every program, product, and service.

Donating Partners
Implementing Partners

Steer your investments with AI-powered analytics

Collect deeper and more meaningful insights from your programs while saving time and money. Reduce your M&E spend by automating the collection process and gathering exponentially more reliable data.

Compare by cohort

Enable deep insight tracking by customizing cohorts from demographic and program data.

Compare over time

Compare time-series data for all your observations for any person, program, or facility.

Customized and templated surveys

Collect a wide variety of information that truly matters to donors, grantors, and program directives.

Randomized data selection

Capture statistically significant data through randomized survey and data collection.

Background data collection

Quietly collect data as people interact with the ShareMy.Health platform without interrupting beneficiaries' day to day activities.

Independent Evaluation

Protect privacy. Control bias. Minimize burden.

Seamless and Expansive Tracking

Speed & Accuracy

Evaluate programs in real time with zero transcription. AI based fraud and outlier detection.

Reach & Depth

Use customized surveys to gather the most important information even in the most remote locations.

Expand Impact

Quickly discover areas of need during, not after, the program. Shorten the feedback cycle and increase funding.

Deep Integration

Enable rich population analytics internally and through third party tools.